Friday, August 3, 2018


JPG is one of the most popular image formats that are used at the moment. Its main advantage is the ability to store good quality images in small files. This is probably due to the type of compression used.

The mechanism of this type of compression sets the priority of some parts of the image over the second, keeping excellent areas of the image most visible to the human eye.

ICO files contain images used as icons for files, programs and folders on Microsoft Windows platform. Icons appear on the desktop, in Windows Explorer or in the start menu and help identify each detail. ICO images, in most cases of small size, are scalable, they can also serve as website logos or signs that appear in the web browser next to the URL.

ICNS is the equivalent of ICO files on personal Mac computers.

How to convert JPG to ICO?

The easiest method is to download a good conversion program, for example a photo Converter. It works quickly and efficiently, allowing you to convert any number of JPG files at a time. You will be able to estimate soon enough that the photo Converter is capable to save a lot of time which you you'll spend it manually.

Download and install the photo Converter

Photo Converter is easy to download, install and apply — no need to be an expert in computers to find out how it works.

Add JPG files to the photo Converter

Start the photo Converter and download .jpg files that you wish to convert to .ico

You can select JPG files via the Files menu or Add files to the photo Converter window.

Select the location where to save the ICO files

In the Save section, you can select a folder to save the finished ones .ico files. It is also possible to spend a few extra minutes and add effects to apply during the conversion, but it is not necessary.

Select ICO as the format to save

To select ICO as the save format, press the ICO icon at the bottom of the screen, or the + button to add the ability to record in this format.

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